Custom Panel for Photoshop

Your personal panel
for Adobe Photoshop

Main features


Main feature - custom buttons. Assign tools, menu items, your action sets and more...

Layout, however you want

Use rows and columns to make the panel you want. Nest one inside another to build complex layouts.


Add tabs to your layout. Each tab can also have a complex layout in it.

Other features


Three separate panels with multiple spaces each*. Attach them to any side of the Ps interface.

Layers buttons

Add most used adjustment layer or layer blend modes buttons. Create, invert or delete masks on multiple layers at once.


Find all features explained in tutorial videos
You can find full playlist here or most recent updates here

Select your option


  • Single panel
  • Single space
  • Columns and rows
  • Assign tools, menu items and actions to buttons



Free +

  • 3 spaces
  • Change elements size and border radius
  • Assign adjustment layers and layer blend modes to buttons



Lite +

  • 3 panels
  • 3 spaces per panel
  • Add tabs to layout
  • Assign layer actions to buttons
  • Brush and tool presets as button actions
  • Active selection indicator
  • Static color wheel widget
  • Option to hide panel on button click
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